Our Story

A family run business, with a corporate feel.

Upon graduation college, Gino Petitta found himself searching for a career. His search began in a humbling manner. Gino recalls how he would walk from business to business wearing his one suit he owned and carrying with him a stack of resumes. If you were to ask his kids, they would still say this is an old man fable. Nonetheless, Gino found himself in the banking industry working as a branch manager, but he was still in search of more. Not long after Gino was asked to become a financial advisor and help start Comerica Securities. From that time on Gino has been a financial advisor assisting individuals and businesses from all over Metro-Detroit. Experienced and still determined, Gino sought to change the trajectory of his career once again. In 2014, he launched Shield Financial Group, but this time with the help of his family. Chris and Vince Petitta began helping in any way they could. Chris who was brought on full time in 2014 began helping Gino in all phases of the business. She is commonly referred as the heartbeat of the company. Vince on the other hand would intern in the summers before in 2018 becoming a full time financial advisor. Truly a family business. During that time Shield Financial Group had the privilege of welcoming aboard five other experienced financial advisors, all of whom have been integral to the success of Shield. With many more years still to come Gino and the team look to continue to expand the company name.